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First, let me start off on what my reaction was to this show. "Hey, a new Teen Titans show! I've always loved to laugh, and it's going to be a comedy! It's probably going to be just like the original! *Sees a few episodes* THIS IS GARBAGE!" Yeah. that was pretty much the reaction of every single person with good taste that watched this.

I never thought this was going to be as good as the original. And i was right. It was much, much more worse than the original. I'm going to say why, exactly, this is a bad show. And i'm going to do this in the form of a "Top Ten" list.

#10- The animation is terrible. It's made using adobe flash. That's right- Adobe Flash. Who would've guessed? The characters all look like spaghetti with meatballs for heads. They resemble stickmen so closely, That you can call them just that. Stickmen. It's all, just, so lazy- the fight scenes are so poorly animated that it looks like a 3-year-old's drawings, only moving. it's just that 5 second clip, "Titans, GO!" and then a video of a transparent picture of the team moving towards a giant monster- Usually a block/circle of a certain color or a giant robot phage- then a blur of grey and them talking about it on the same street background with only 3 color schemes and some yellow lines.

#9- The episode scenes are mostly the same. See, there are 2 types of TTG episode starters- the tower starters, and the street starters. The tower episodes are just a screening of the titans inside the tower, on the couch, getting annoyed or being loud for a random reason, then they conjure some magical being or go on some magical quest to solve a problem that can easily be solved by having or using your brain, like making a pink demon rid the universe of sound just because someone wants a bit of quiet, or almost dieing over wanting a good sandwich. The second is the street starter, the same old 25-second fight, then they end up in the street talking about some random problem in the fight, then they go to some extreme to fix that one little problem.

#8- It assumes the audience are morons- Yes. this is right, because all the little problems they solve, and all the puny things they believe and/or do look like things a 5th grader or a retard would do. all the characters act like this too. I don't really know what else to say about this, other than the fact that this is very insulting to mature people.

#7- It uses the characters as a way of communicating insults- Yes, believe it or not, the characters say things that are like insults or arguments to people like me, who don't like this show. Even in that one, annoying overused promo, raven says "Just have a laugh once in a while!". There was even an entire episode that was just this, we were represented by the Young Justice, asking the Toddler Titans to be more serious, then they mocked us by making their faces into nightmarish elbows and giving them muscle-ey, hairy bodies. It's just insulting that they also rubbed it in our faces about how Young Justice was cancelled, by making Young Justice show up in the episode itself.

#6- It insults bronies- Don't get me wrong here, I am not a bronie, but mocking people for liking My Little Pony is not cool. It makes raven a bronie, and makes jokes out of it as if it's stupid liking MLP. there is nothing else to say about this.

#5-It airs too much- I think you all know this. To everyone that has a kid that likes CN, they will have TTG on their TV at least once every day. It marathons. marathons and marathons of the same thing, on both channels. If you want to watch a new episode of some other show, you have to wait through "Your new (NOT) favorite show!" to watch it, this is partly why it gets this many ratings, because if you leave for even 15 minutes and the TV is on, you'll come back to Toddler stickmen.

#4- It's a comedy, but the last thing it's good at is comedy- TTG has only made me smile 3 times in the entire series. It's not funny, there was an episode about singing waffles over, and over, and over, and over, ugh. There was another episode about going to the bathroom then the bathroom floated away and all others too, then, well, yeah. It's not funny, it's just randomness, just like mentioned in that one episode about the Pizza and the Ninja Turtles.

#3- Girls vs. Boys. No other information is needed.

#2- It stereotypes the characters, as control freak, black, slug, emo girl, and blonde. They are all simply embodiments of pride, Hungry, Lazy, Emo, and stupid. They have no character development whatsoever, there are no traits in which you can say how a character might react to something, No, they are all just emotions which are used in stupid ways to carry out a joke with a lame punchline. sometimes the entire episode is a lame punchline, all by itself.

#1- The characters do not love each other. They hate each other, even Cyborg and Beast Boy. It is shown in the episode "Super Robin" that the Titans are paid to be superheroes, and they wouldn't be there if they didn't get their paycheck. They all hate each other, no one cares about anything or anyone except for themselves. Heck, the world ended one time and they didn't even care, they never even showed a bit of sadness or anger. they just fought because they were going to get payed for it. The characters only interaction with each other is when they scream at each other, fight each other, or argue.

Well, I got nothing more to say. TTG is a bad show, and it should be taken off air. By the way, I want to share a moment about when my mom came into the room, i was asleep, and TTG was on. She waked me up and said, "I remember that show! It was called titans or something! But it used to look different... didn't it get cancelled?" And then she heard a lame punchline. "Is this from when they were little?". Yeah. She didn't even know it was a spin-off. So don't complain about me calling them "Toddler Titans".


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