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Ant-Man is now playing in theaters. The film about Marvel's tiniest hero may not have been as big as say The Avengers, but it was certainly a fun time and a fitting movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Be that as it may, Ant-Man has made his way into the MCU, so one has to ask: where does this hero go from here? It has been confirmed that Ant-Man will appear in Captain America: Civil War, but there is still much we do not know about Ant-Man's role as a whole in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It may not seem like it but here are a number of ways for Marvel Studios to utilize Ant-Man as well as his supporting cast. While these may not happen, here are some directions I could Marvel take with the Ant-Man name.

(warning this article contains spoilers from Ant-Man)

Ant-Man Joining Captain America In Civil War

We know that Paul Rudd is scheduled to reprise his role as Scott Lang in Captain America: Civil War. For a time his role in the upcoming film was unclear. However thanks to the events of Ant-Man, we may have a better idea of what Scott will be doing in the 2016 film. At the end of the film, moviegoers got an early look at Civil War in a scene featuring Captain America, Falcon and the Winter Solider. Captain America and Falcon were unclear what to with the fallen Bucky, but Falcon mention to Steve that “he knows a guy” . Obviously this scene is meant introduce Scott Lang in the third Captain America movie; but that is beside the point. This scene tell us that Ant-Man will be on the side of Captain America and his Avengers. Originally I assumed that Scott would join the side of Iron Man, but that is no longer the case and I realize now that it makes more sense for the character to join Capt's ranks. While we are still unaware of what role Ant-Man has to play in Civil War, it seems that the post credit scene from the new film tells us the Scott will have a significant role in upcoming Phase 3 movie.

Ant-Man on TV

Ant-Man has graced the big screen, but how much impact will the character have on the small screen? With Marvel having a presence on television, you can be sure that Ant-Man will be referenced in some kind of way in the likes of “Agents of SHIELD” and even “Agent Carter”. Perhaps in Agents of SHIELD the team will have to deal with a case surrounding pym particles. Another move Marvel could take is feature a young Hank Pym in Agent Carter. Granted Hank's appearance in “Agent Carter”would have to be down the road, but it would be interesting to see that character tie in with the TV series. If none of these will work then at the very least Ant-Man could be referenced in Marvel's Netflix series. The point is that Ant-Man will likely have a major impact in the MCU. It is only a matter time to see if that impact will be seen on the smaller screen as it has been seen on the big one.

A Big Role for Wasp

In Ant-Man, we discovered that Janet Van Dyne (aka the Wasp) perished before the events of the film (or better yet she somewhere in the Microverse). However in the film's first post credit scene, we see that Hope Van Dyne will be taking up the mantle of the Wasp. While I expected this direction, it still pleased me knowing that we will see Wasp in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However what Wasp's role will be is still a mystery. Reports have suggested that Marvel does have big plans for Wasp; but what does that mean? Could it mean that Hope will join the Avengers? Perhaps we also will see Evangeline Lilly reprise her role in either Captain America: Civil War or Avengers: Infinity War. Then again, though I hope this is not the case, we may see the new Wasp debut in a planned sequel. Whatever Marvel decides, I can only hope that the studio has big plans for this little Avenger.

The Microverse

If an Ant-Man sequel does get green lit, what could the studio do for a premise? There are a number of things but there is one that is a likely candidate to work as movie concept: the Microverse. The Microverse is a tiny universe that is inhabited by other brand of heroes. We got a glimpse of a subatomic universe when Ant-Man shrunk down to defeat Yellowjacket in the 2015 film. While it was a cool sequence, this moment also open the door to new possibilities. This could be beneficial for a Ant-Man sequel as it creates a new adventure concept for the film series. The movie could deal with Hank, Scott and Hope searching for Janet in the tiny universe; or someone is trying to find a means to utilize the Microverse as a source for power. The Microverse could even implemented for the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe as other characters, from either the movies or TV, could deal with this tiny plane of existence. There are a number of ways for Microverse to be used in the movies, and I feel that it could be beneficial for both Ant-Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At this moment it is unclear what Marvel has planned for Ant-Man. Ant-Man and Wasp may join the Avengers, or maybe the tiny heroe's adventure will not continue until a sequel is confirmed. Whatever the case may be, there is definitely a role for Ant-Man to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether that role is big or small is unknown, but you can be sure that we have not seen the last of Ant-Man (Civil War will attest to that).

Ant-Man is now playing and Scott Lang will return in Captain America: Civil War; hitting the big screen on May 6,2016.

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