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verisimilitude -noun -the appearance of being true or real.

I had a whole speech I was going to write about my rekindled love of Superman the Movie, but I decided to scrap it because the reasoning behind my rekindled love is quite simple, it made me happy. I haven’t been 100% happy in a month or so and after watching Superman I smiled, I smiled a lot. I was reminded of childhood and how much I believed in Superman. I believed that he existed, I believed that one day I could work in a tall building and do important office stuff like Clark Kent and Lois Lane. I believed that good would triumph over evil, and I believed that one day I would find my Clark Kent/Superman.

It also did something else, it rekindled my love filmmaking. Filmmaking is an art form , and don’t let anyone tell you differently. While reading up on the DP and director I found making of clips on Youtube and for the last two hours I’ve sat here at work devouring every bit of information the filmmakers shared on the making of Superman the Movie. AMAZAING! Keep in mind this was made before CGI and digital anything. So, when Superman and Lois Lane fly, they’re flying. No green screen, those are practical sets so he had no choice but to fly in and out of them. As a filmmaker and student of cinema, I find that fascinating and beautiful.

Christopher Reeve, was the Superman I grew up knowing about and I’m so happy about that. There was a kindness and a light that he gave Clark Kent/Superman. Not knocking those that have portrayed Superman since, but they can never recreate what Reeve did. There was a literal sparkle in his eye that made him special. He’ll always be my favorite Superman. He made Superman real.

My niece and nephew are now around the same age my older sister and I were when we first saw Superman, and I hope that they watch it with the same amount of curiosity and wonderment. I hope that they are believers like I once was.

If you need a pick me up or just to believe in something again. Watch Superman The Movie this weekend.


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