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Here is who I would cast for uncasted Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters.

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Fantastic Four

Matt Smith as Reed Richards/ Mr Fantastic

I would like the MCU version of the Fantastic Four to be british, and modelled after Doctor Who. I think Matt Smith would be brilliant as Mr Fantastic

Georgia Moffett as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman

Bradley James as Johnny Storm/ Human Torch

Robert Kazinsky as Ben Grimm/ The Thing

Peter Capaldi as The Wizard/ Bentley Wittman

I think the Wizard should be the villain in the first MCU Fantastic Four Movie as he is involved with Medusa in the Inhumans.


James Nesbitt as Norman Osborn/ The Green Goblin

I think James Nesbitt would make a very good Green Goblin. Watch James Nesbitt as Jekyll in the 2007 BBC series of the same title and you will see why.

Steve Pemberton as Otto Octavius/ Dr Octopus

Doctor Strange

Gabriel Woolf as the voice of Dormammu

I think Gabriel Woolf would make a very good voice of Dormammu, Watch him as the voice of Satan in the Doctor Who episode Satan Pit and you will see why.

Captain Marvel

Hannah Spearritt as Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel

I would love to see the Former S Clubber Hannah Spearitt as Captain Marvel.


Kara and Hannah Tointon as Medusa and Crystal

I think these real life actress siblings would do very well as Medusa (Kara Toinon) and Crystal (Hannah Tointon). Just put Kara in a long Red Wig she would be perfect as Medusa. Medusa will first appear in the MCU as a villain in the MCu Fantastic Four working with the Frightful Four

John Simm as Maximus the Mad


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