BySomone Bruner, writer at

I am a huge fan of the series, Entourage and was thrilled when Hollywood announced that a movie would be made to give us what happens to the team after the last episode (because clearly they was leaving us hanging on the cliff). The writers picked up right where they left off with Ari coming back and ready to leave a legacy in the entertainment industry, Vincent Chase spreading his wings, Eric showcasing is innocent but not so innocent relationship woes, Turtle having made some smart business moves with Avion Tequila (the best Tequila out there) and Johnny still waiting for is validation from Hollywood and fans with a great role. However, as long as it took to get this movie written, made and brought to the big screen - I feel like they really could have just made it a blockbuster HBO Film on channel and not the big screen. With the features they had, I expected a little more than I got but essential was pleased with the film.


For all the HBO Series: Entourage fans, were you pleased with the film coming to theatres?


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