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This really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, but Terminator 5 kinda sucks. Now I have monumental respect for the first two Terminator films. The Terminator was a mind boggling awesome sci-fi epic that was original. Terminator 2: Judgement Day Is one of the few sequels on this Earth to be better than the original, bringing awesome action, one-liners galore, and a sinister villain to the mix. Plus, it gave me the feels at the end. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines however was not awesome at all. It had a few legitimately cool parts, but it just copied the first two movies and had an ending that left a sour taste in my mouth. Now Terminator: Salvation gets a lot of hate, but I actually enjoyed it. Now, I can comfortably say that Genisys is my second least favorite of the franchise.

Why is this movie not number 1? Well, I was never waiting for the movie to be over like I was with the third Terminator and (most recently) Jurassic World. I was entertained, but initally, I never watch a movie and think about it while I watch it. That's what the drive home is for. When I exited the theater, I initially thought it was a messy casserole of the past four films. But then I started to think about the film. The most delicate way I can put this is that if you start to think about it, a brain aneurysm is in your future. Not only does Terminator: GENESIS (how it should be) suffer from illogical characters, it stumbles greatly from this idea of trying to rewrite the timeline. Now, for the record, that has worked before. X-men: Days of Future Past pulled this off very well, but that is because the effects of the film caused the timeline to change. I.E. making changing the timeline the main focus causes more confusion.

Now something that a lot of people are complaining about is Jai Courtney. Now I personally didn't think he was a bad actor in the film, but I did think he was a poor choice to reboot Kyle Reese. Even Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) was a poor choice to be Sarah Connor.

I suppose I should say what I liked. I liked Arnold reprising his role as the T-800.

Overall, this film was a convoluted mess. It's worth a redbox, but it sure as hell ain't no blu-ray essential.


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