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A lot of fellow movie lovers have noticed the current trend in horror films, low budget, cheap actors, tons of jump scares with little or no real story development. IE: Ouija, The Purge etc.. But not all of modern day horror follow that pattern.

Today's audiences tend to dwell on the numbness to what is believed to be horror. Hollywood pop horror franchise after horror franchise to make quick easy money on audiences all around the world.

Then we have these little breathes of fresh air, the knife being pulled out of the back of so many strong horror genre enthusiasts so to speak, like " The Babadook", "Spring", "It Follows", "Starry Eyes" and "Horse Head".

These films bring hope and honor back to the genre we horror fans love. In a world of remakes, prequels, sequels and book influences, seeing a piece of original cinematic genius now a days are few and far between. Yet when the average viewer who is used to this mush feed garbage, will tend to believe the latter inspiring horror films are boring dull and lifeless.

Similar to Halloween in 1978, word of mouth and critic praise these little horror gold get the respect it deserves, if we as horror fans want these type of films more so then the modern day average jump scares(shouldn't be called horror imo) then we need to spread these get the word out. It's our job as film and horror genre lovers that we do this.

Several writers and Youtubers have made videos talking about exactly what I am writing about now, that probably make a more clear concrete version. Just putting my thoughts on modern day horror becoming stale and boring, which isn't the case if you look hard enough.

You may call it the rise of artful horror, but I tend to think its the rise of horror. Not since the late 1900's as horror made a drastic impact. Directors like James Wan, Ti West, Adam Green, Soska Twins are giving us horror fans hope that soon enough horror will become a staple of cinema once again.

Like I have stated these are just my thoughts of the subject matter at hand. Feel free to leave your comments and criticism below and let me know what you think of the modern day horror films in hollywood or just the rise of modern horror.



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