ByMiguel Godoy, writer at
...zard. Clearly whoever came up with this theory really wanted it to be one of those movies that reveals at the end that all this did not really happen...The truth is that the Harry Potter series did not really happen, it's just a story that was in J.K. Rowling's head...If this theory was true then "Star Wars" all happened in Luke Skywalker's head because he is just a poor farm boy that will never amount to anything..."Lord of the Rings" all happened in Frodo's head because why on earth would a Hobbit ever leave the Shire..."Narnia" was about a group of poor children who could not play outside so they created a fantasy world inside a wardrobe..."Transformers" is just Shia Labeouf sitting in his room playing with robot toys because there is not such thing as transformers or aliens...This is frankly not the case with these stories. The whole point of a fantasy is to let you escape your reality! You may be perceived as insane or mad! That's the whole point!..."You're mad. bonkers. Off your head...But I'll tell you a secret...All the best people are."

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