ByZachary Michael Berdysz, writer at
Zachary Michael Berdysz

To the outside world not much is known about Captain America: Civil War. Sure we know about the basic plot, characters/actors and some stuff from leaked photos. But no one really had known about the discretely leaked teaser trailer (From what I know). Its short, its good and it will surely give you a tingle down your spine. I present to you, the leaked footage of... CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

Warning possible spoilers ahead:

(There is another full trailer in the bottom left hand corner once its done) Its a very short teaser but from what i see there is a (junker?) helicarrier, Iron Man getting shot at, Iron Mans Hulkbuster Armor, Crossbones (looks ok to me) and Cap about to go at it.


Are you hyped for Civil War?


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