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There are tons of modern horror films that are classics in their own rights. I'm tired of reading comments saying that the genre is dead. Here is just a quick list of some of my favorite modern horror films. Let me know some of your favorites in the comments. Hopefully you will find something that you have not seen on this list. They are all awesome films.

Creep (2014)

This is a found footage movie. I am a fan of this genre when it is done correctly. They did a fantastic job with this film. Very unsettling, dark and CREEPY. The whole movie you just want to yell at the TV telling the guy to get the hell out of there! Fortunately, he doesn't. Making for a very unnerving watch! The movie follows a man named Aaron (Patrick Brice) who is a videographer that answers an ad on craigslist. Aaron drives to a very isolated mountain house where he meets Josef (Mark Duplass.) Aaron quickly realizes Josef is not all there. The last 30 minutes of the film is soooooo unsettling. This is the first installment of the Creep trilogy. I can not wait for the other two personally.

It Follows (2014)

What I really loved about this movie is how it does not rely on jump scares like most modern horror films. the film has an incredible soundtrack and a John Carpenter feel to it. Easily one of the best Horror Movies I've seen in a long time. Totally different from the cinematography to the atmosphere it conveys. If you have not seen this film yet then do yourself a favor and SEE IT ASAP!

Mist (2007)

One of my favorite Stephen King film adaptations. Just a fantastic movie. Creepy, sinister, and DARK very very dark. The characters are very believable in their actions. As a Viewer, you get invested in the characters and care what happens to them. I am a sucker for movies about survival in an apocalyptic setting. But this film has a lot more to offer than just a bunch of people trying to survive an monster apocalypse. The ending is so dark! and really pulls on the heart strings!

Babadook (2014)

Very unique story and is told beautifully. Every scene there is a underlying sense of tension. Again, not a movie that relies solely on jump scares. It is a psychological horror at its best. The acting deserves to be mentioned because it is so amazing. Easily award worthy. Has such a bleak, gloomy and tense feel to it which puts the viewer on the edge of their seats. You probably have heard of this movie sense it has been making its rounds in the film festival circuit for quite awhile before it was released nationally. If you have not seen it despite all the positive reviews then what the hell have you been doing? Go watch it now!

Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

The prequel to It's predecessors. It stays true to the other Insidious's with the feel but with more edge. It does rely on jump scares like the others however, they actually make you jump. If you're a horror junkie like me then you are probably pretty good at anticipating the jumps. But this film does a great job at anticipating your anticipation catching you off guard throughout the movie. It is by far my favorite Insidious. See it if you haven't!!!

As Above So Below (2014)

I have no idea why this movie had such a backlash with the critics. I thought this movie was very original and very intense. They do a great job of giving you a claustrophobic feeling. Awesome idea and executed very elegantly. It has a slower start then most on my list. However, once the ball gets rolling it doesn't stop. It has a very smart ending which makes you ponder after the film is over.

The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

Big on the creepy factor. Another found-footage film. One of the best possession movies I have seen in a long time. They did a great job in tying in Alzheimer's disease into the story. It is a slow build but gets creepier and creepier throughout up until the climax where you're sitting there saying "what the f**k to yourself," with a stank face on. Genuinely horrifying definitely worth seeing more than once.

Evil Dead (2013)

I hate remakes/ reboots especially when it comes to horror films and especially when it comes to horror classics. But Jesus, was this movie awesome! Has the same feel as the original Evil Dead's but with a more serious tone. They did a fantastic job with this film. I was so afraid when I heard they were rebooting Evil Dead. After watching it I was ecstatic that they completely nailed it. Over the top gore without the feeling of it being cheesy. It is a true hardcore horror film the is just as good as it's predecessors.

Cabin in the Woods (2012)

I'm a huge fan of Joss Whedon. When I heard the Joss was writing this film I was so excited and projected very high expectations on it. All my expectations were shattered and then some! So original and extremely entertaining to say the least. Blends horror and comedy skillfully with a tad more horror involved. Just a fantastic and fun film to watch. I've re-watched it multiple times and I am still not tired of it.

Dog Soldiers (2002)

A total breath of fresh air in a well visited horror genre. It starts out very realistic and as the film progresses it turns into total madness. The last 30 minutes of the movie is nonstop action keeping the viewer engaged and on the edge of their seat. Probably one of my favorite warewolf movies I've seen. Great effects making the warewolves look real and horrifying. A must see if you're a fan of the warewolf genre.

28 Days Later (2002)

My favorite movie on this list. I am probably biased because zombies are my favorite genre of horror by far. I loved everything about this film the soundtrack is an incredible and the cinematography is completely fantastic. I can't really say anything bad about this movie. It was the first time I was introduced to the crazy track star zombie which was utterly terrifying. It was also the first time I actually considered that a zombie apocalypse was possible. That is how great this movie is. When you consider the zombie apocalypse was on it's way. A modern classic. CLASSIC I say a CLASSIC!!!

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)

A fantastic take on the slasher genre. It's hard to figure out if it is a sequel to the original or a reboot. Honestly, I like it better that I cannot tell. There has not been to many great slasher films in the recent years. Has all the cliches while keeping the viewer guessing and the film doesn't take itself too seriously. Making it an enjoyable film to watch.

The Battery (2013)

A anti-zombie zombie movie. If the Walking dead showed us anything it showed that the characters are much more interesting then the zombies. That is what the battery is, a movie about the survivors. The film focuses on the living and their relationship and what may come of it with an event of that magnitude.


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