ByKatherine Keane, writer at
...points out the difference between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation. Her problem was with cultural appropriation which inadvertedly happened when Kylie cornrowed her hair. Kylie probably didn't mean to do this but the thing is that if she was being praised or deemed high fashion for cornrows when many black girls are probably seen as inferior for them; then yes it is cultural appropriation. It probably didn't help that was trending at that moment and apparently she had that in her caption which was later edited. The reason it isn't cultural appropriation when black girls straighten their hair or dye it blonde is because white girls are praised for their soft, straight, light hair. It's not an instance where black girls are praised whereas white girls are ridiculed for having that type of hair. Lastly, people chose to mainly focus on the hairstyle when the most powerful part of Amandla's comment was urging Kylie to speak out against all the police brutality and much bigger instances of racism seen in America today. It's not about white people not being able to borrow from black culture It's about black people being recognized as equals to white people and no less beautiful than them.

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