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[Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) was the surprise hit this year, still making huge amounts of money, Fury Road has changed action movies forever. With fleshed-out characters and brilliant directing, sequels are already being rumored and discussed all over the internet. But what movies would be best to join the Mad Max Cinematic Universe?

I. The Many Mothers

Who are the Many Mothers, or the Vuvalini? What are their origins, how did they get all their gear? How many of them were there? Although they played a major role in Fury Road, we don't know much about their past. A movie about the Many Mothers would be a prequel showing them at the Green Place and their eventual exodus from it. The movie would show how the Vuvalini grew from a band of survivors into battle-hardened veterans, as well as Furiosa and her mothers abduction. Part of the film could even feature a young Furiosa and delve into her relationship with the Valkyrie; Valkyrie recognized her in Fury Road, so it's not a huge leap of logic to say they were quite close. I loved the Vuvalini in the movie and would love to see more of them in a film like this.

II. The Valkyrie

Better than your faves
Better than your faves

Okay, just hear me out on this one. A Valkyrie movie would be a sequel to Fury Road. What if she didn't die in the film? We never saw her dead body and movies bring people back to life all the time, so let's say she survived, she's gravely injured, but she's alive. She has no ride, she's injured, she's low on ammo, and has very few supplies. This movie would be a survival tale. The Valkyrie is trying to make it to the Citadel all while being threatened by various people, beasts, and the desert itself. The movie would jump between her trying to get to the Citadel, and her past. We'll have already have seen some of her in the Many Mothers movie, but this would be exclusively about her. Her origin, her relationships with the Mothers and again Furiosa, only this time we would see the relationship from Valkyrie's side, and how Furiosa's abduction affected her. After surviving, her trek, the Valkyrie arrives at the Citadel, only to see a large caravan of vehicles heading straight for it, which would lead directly into the final film.

III. Furiosa

Picking up where Fury Road ended, Furiosa, the Mothers and the Wives have control over the Citadel and are working to undo all the damage that Joe had done. Meanwhile, after another group allied with Joe hears what happened to him, they ride off to avenge his death, these are the same vehicles that Valkyrie saw at the end of her film. Valkyrie stumbles into the Citadel, barely alive from dehydration and other injuries. While she's healing up, she warns Furiosa and the others of the oncoming attack. The people of the Citadel begin preparations to defend their home, and are led by the surviving Mothers. Furiosa decides that she can best serve the Citadel in a vehicle, taking out as many of the attackers as she can before they arrive. A now healthy Valkyrie joins her, as well as some of the Wives and a few Warboys. They take out as many as they can before returning to the Citadel for a desperate last stand. This film would expand on Furiosa's character both before and after Fury Road. This film would expand on Furiosa's relationship to the Wives, as well as the other people of the Citadel. Now that we'd have seen Furiosa's and Valkyrie's relationship before Furiosa's abduction, we would have a great background into it as we see how they grow now that they are reunited.

I for one would love the see these movies made, what about you?


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