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Here I am, tub of popcorn, sour patch kids, and the face of a child at Christmas, waiting for yet another staple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But even with all of the joy of the past MCU films in my heart I was a little skeptical about Ant Man.

I mean, come on, for non Marvel fans you see a superhero whose super power is the ability to become the size of an ant? Most would say no, thank you.

But what makes Ant-Man the most heartwarming film in the MCU is that the film and its makers don't take themselves too seriously. You are forced to enjoy the smaller more realistic scale of a film that is surrounded by a universe filled with aliens, gods, and green monsters. In a universe filled with such large characters and cataclysmic events, its important to show the normal human side of things to win over audiences. This is what Ant Man provides.

One of the best scenes in the film
One of the best scenes in the film

Led by the comedic efforts of Paul Rudd the film almost instantly becomes his film. His comedic aura takes over, making the audience feel comfortable immediately. But to counter Rudd's jokes and stunts you have the stern Michael Douglas and the beautiful Evangeline Lilly displaying their acting chops.

Douglas and Lilly were great
Douglas and Lilly were great

Their father and daughter relationship tugs on the audiences heartstrings reminding them of the harsh realities of this superhero universe. Corey Stoll also delivers an awesome performance as Yellow Jacket, a refreshing Marvel villain that you won't soon forget.

But one might ask who else could make this film a little more lighthearted? Is Rudd just going to be spitting out jokes constantly or will there be a balance of comedic talent.

Michael Pena was hilarious
Michael Pena was hilarious

Insert Michael Pena, Tip Harris, and David Dastmalchian to give the audience even more laughs making the film one of the funnier of the MCU. The three play Rudd's heist accomplices. Michael Pena especially got a few big laughs out of me that were completely unexpected.

But besides all of the laughs Ant Man works best because it steps into a lane that other Marvel movies have not. Just like Captain America: The Winter Soldier dove head first into the spy narrative, Ant Man dives head first into the heist narrative, giving the audience something to bite their nails over. The audience becomes increasingly worried for these ex-cons and for Ant Man himself.

Without giving too much away, I'll just say that Ant Man will step into a realm no Avenger has stepped into before and he may or may not return.

All in all, Ant Man is a hilariously suspenseful addition to the Cinematic Universe Marvel has been cooking for over 7 years now. I'd compare its funniest moments to that of Guardians of the Galaxy and it's more serious moments to that of Captain America 2. That being said, the first thing on your agenda for tomorrow should be to see this film.

The Avenger cameo and the after credits scene alone will knock your pants off.


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