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No Nod for Sons of Anarchy? Then Mad Men shouldn't get one either...

Being an avid TV fan, I've been on the edge of my seat the past couple days waiting to see if my favorites landed themselves an Emmy nod. And I was disgusted.

Mad Men certainly deserves its accolades - for what it has done for television since its debut in 2007. It has paved the way for shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. It was new for its time, but so much has happened to television since then. The viewer expects more intensity and grit. So, go ahead, give Mad Men emmy's for seasons past, but I have to make an argument for a show that delivered from beginning to end, and has not gotten any emmy love - Sons of Anarchy.

Sons was a binger for me, I really held out. I didn't think that a white trash motorcycle club had anything to offer me. I was in the market for another show to binge on, and, really, one thing led to another and I was rewarded. Some casting choices are questionable, yes. Some casting choices are brilliant, eg. Katey Sagal, Jimmy Smitts, both of which deserve acting noms for their roles in Sons. These two really seemed to understand their characters and were on point with every line. Charlie Hunnam also, although the accent falls out at times, brought the painful intensity that his character demanded. The material is dark, intense and smart. This series owns my soul. Kurt Sutter may have ruined me for any other show.

I started watching Mad Men at the very beginning, back when a TV Show didn't have to go a full season to prove itself to me via viral buzz, before I committed to it. I came in at the roots of this show, and I dove in, head first. I loved the way it mixed culture and uppity ad execs. (let's face it, we all know the "master of the universe" complex when we see it). It started with good momentum, and of course I'm a homer for St. Louis native John Hamm. I stuck with Mad Men throughout the run of the show, and I had to see it through. It wasn't because I will still entertained by it. The last 3 seasons - or should I say 2- was literally the show that nothing happened. The plot was weak, and conflicts forced. I'm really glad that Don Draper whimpered and hugged somebody. That was maybe the most exciting moment this past season.

I'm starting to see that the Emmy's are becoming as snobbish as the Oscars. I'm sure that most of the noms deserved it. I don't watch (yet) most of the shows nominated, but I can understand. So maybe SOA is a little on the trashy side, but a lot of good TV is going that way.

Really I can only speak on the shows that I know, and if you take anything away from this, know that my issue is that, If Mad Men gets a nod based on past years, so should Sons of Anarchy, based on this season.


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