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I tend to make the mistake of getting too hooked on really good shows. I really should control myself, because it always ends the exact same way. I get into a show that's edgy, new; a show that takes all the right risks in all the right ways.

I say to myself, "Wow, this show is smart! I can't imagine it ending anytime soon!" I envision it having up to 20 seasons! Maybe even break the record set by shows like The Simpsons and South Park. And then, all of a sudden, as if reality just realized I was happy, it happens.

Aaannnnnnnd there goes my heart.
Aaannnnnnnd there goes my heart.

It's happened to the best shows. Arrested Development, Community, Hannibal. And while those shows are either being considered for a revival, or have been revived, one incredible show has been forgotten by most TV networks. That show, is Constantine.

The supernatural superhero show starring Matt Ryan as the titular Hellblazer was an instant cult classic in the making! Right up to the part where it gets cancelled early...

The untimely death of Constantine caught many viewers by surprise. Sure, the show wasn't on par with other superhero shows like The Flash or Gotham, but it was good darn it! We all keep waiting for Netflix, Amazon or somebody to pick the show back up, but so far... nothing.

What's really sad, even more so than the news that we won't be getting a second season of the show, is the stinging fact that we'll never get to see that dream crossover that Arrow star Stephen Amell got us so pumped about. But as it turns out, all may not be lost on that front after all.

Arrow is prepping for its fourth season on the CW network, promising more exciting adventures for Stephen Amell's character—who's donning the epic 'Green Arrow' costume for the first time (it's confusing I know, but yes he wasn't wearing the "Green Arrow" suit in previous seasons).

With all the season four news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con, nobody expected any Constantine info to stem from the CW panel. But that's exactly what happened!

While speaking to IGN during SDCC, Arrow co-showrunner Wendy Mericle revealed that a John Constantine appearance in a future episode is still on the table. Don't get your hopes too high up though, she also reveals that there are a few things that may keep it from happening.

Yeah, we really want to do it. It’s something we’ve been talking to DC about and it’s just a question of some political things, but also the actor’s schedule. We’re trying to work it out, but we don’t know 100 percent if it’s going to happen … But we’re really optimistic and we would love to have him.

While that isn't a solid confirmation, it's nice to know that they're both considering and trying really hard to get a Constantine/Arrow crossover episode happen!

But what would the supernatural detective even do in the Arrow setting of Star City? Well, with the resurrecting Lazarus Pit becoming a big plot point in both Arrow and the CW show Legends of Tomorrow, chances are that John will be called to look into it.

While having John Constantine show up in Arrow won't be enough to fill the empty hole left by the cancellation of the show, it's certainly a start.

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