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Randolph Johnson
Bruce is mega rich and so is Lex well at some shareholders meeting Lex could have confided in Bruce that a kid from Smallville named Lex Luthor grows up and becomes the richest man in the universe and he builds parks and all kinds of discount resorts all over the planet and he is not the most famous kid on the planet, heck Lex is mad he is not the most famous kid from Smallville, no that goes to a kid name Clark Kent because he is so strong, and you want to know something Bruce, no one knows this but I do, Clark Kent is Superman, and it is up to billionaires like us to take him down, and make sure he does not destroy the rest of the planet. With that bit of knowledge Bruce goes on a mission to learn and fiind out all he can about Clark Kent, daily Planet from Smallville, and he finds out about the mystical feats that Clark has done. The he confronts him and he tells him Lex is not to be trusted. Superman beleives in all men so he listens but he refuse to trust Bruce, Why should I (Superman) trust one billionaire, who I do not know over a trillionaire I do know. But I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the warning. and then Superman using his Super hearing hears something and on one of Batman's late night mission, out of nowhere you hear a voice that says you were right. This is where I was hoping it would go...

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