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Hello and Thanks for reading my article. For this piece I'm going to be discussing why eventually DC Expanded Universe will be better than the MCU.

1. Characters

One thing DC has over Marvel is characters. Simply DC characters are more well known than Marvel's and have two of the most iconic superheroes of all time in Batman and Superman. Majority of the MCU characters are popular because of their respective films, for example like Iron Man and Captain America but if you were to ask anybody down the street before the MCU the history of the characters most people wouldn't give you a answer.

2. Themes

The themes that DC are playing with is more interesting than Marvel's. In Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice they're dealing with multiple themes but the one that sticks out is what if Superman really did exist in our world and how would we react? One side thinking he is a God and a savior and another side thinking he a devil who cant be trusted after the Battle of Metropolis. Another theme they're dealing with is consequences. In Dawn of Justice, Superman will be paying for his actions.

3. Dark and Gritty

Thanks to Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy this dark and gritty approach to superhero films is the norm now and that DC bread and butter and they will strive successfully with there approach in there upcoming superhero films down the line. Many people are on the fence with it though saying it should be more like the MCU approach being light hearted and more family friendly while others love the bleak and dark approach. What many people need to understand is DC has always been the darker of the two and this is just DC doing what there doing best telling a dark approach to their movies. And it good that they are because it differentiates what Marvel is doing and can keep the superhero genre fresh.

Filmmaker-Driven approach

Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on Man of Steel
Zack Snyder with Henry Cavill on Man of Steel

Supposedly WB/DC is going with a Filmmaker driven approach where basically there given more freedom to there directors whereas Marvel has Kevin Feige and basically have one vision in store with there movies. Now what Marvel is doing is not necessarily a bad thing, I mean look at their success, but maybe in the long run it could get stale having the same approach all the time. Reportedly several directors who were helm to direct certain Marvel movies later dropped out because of creative differences. For example Edgar Wright was supposed to direct Ant-Man, and Patty Jenkins who is now directing Wonder Woman was helm to direct Thor 2 but both later dropped out - there are even reports of Joss Whedon having had some issues with the powers upstairs. Now granted these are just rumors and we wont really know what happened between the two sides but i think WB/DC might have a edge giving directors more of their freedom on the movies they are directing and have them differentiate from each other. Clearly in Dawn of Justice you can tell that this is a Zack Snyder made move and with Suicide Squad a David Ayer type movie.

4. Treatment of Female characters

Now in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) some backlash was sent at the Black Widow character because of how she was portrayed in the movie. Now granted that could be all opinion based but one thing you have to give WB credit for is how they say in there marketing push for Batman vs Superman was how Wonder Woman was gonna be the front of that push and her marketing campaign was going to be really big for the upcoming movie. Zack Snyder even said that she would be the gateway drug to the Justice League. Now granted we still don't know her role in the movie or how she will play out so for now we should reserve judgement on how DC treats there respective female characters.

5. The Goddamn Batman

Now for our last topic of this article is discussing Batman. Batman is the most popular superhero right now and is the thing that makes WB/DC top dog money. At first it didn't seem like a popular choice to have Ben Affleck as Batman but now people have come around and it seems like people are already calling him the best Batman ever. Now granted we still haven't seen his performance yet but from the footage we have seen he wont be anything short of spectacular. Now what i liked about what WB/DC is doing is putting him in two movies so far in Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad to boost hype for these two movies and try to gain as much money as possible, also having his solo film come out within the next two years with Batman himself directing it so it looks like as of right now the DC Expanded universe is in good hands.

What did you guys think of my article if you have any questions or disagree about anything feel free to put your comments down below and we'll discuss it don't forget to share this article,and also don't forget to press that follow button. See you guys later.


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