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Okay so I just saw Ant-Man. Good movie. Great after credits scene. If you haven’t seen it obviously spoilers.

In the scene Bucky has been captured by Cap and Falcon. They are out of costume, operating alone, and unsure if they can go to stark. These things have lead me to believe that the scene takes place during

rather than before like every other post credits scene that sets up another story.


1. Cap and Falcon are operating secretly alone without costumes.

2. Falcon says a line of dialogue about a proposed plan regarding “that might have worked a week ago”. Implying that something major has happened in the past week. It’s not the events of Ant-Man since they’re so self contained and insignificant to the Avengers. This major event they’re referring to is the passing of the superhuman registration act.

3. They say the courts won’t let Tony help, so they won’t ask him. Tony is officially a slave to the government at this point meaning he has picked his side.

4. Upon looking into this further we know where this footage comes from. This is actual footage from Civil War! Yes this is footage Fiege saw and wanted to make the stinger for Ant-Man. Source

So it looks like we’ve gotten our first look at Civil War after all. What did you guys think of this scene.

SIDE NOTE: this officially debunks that “leaked” Civil War script details as it does not match up with what we now know about the plot of Civil War.


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