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Director Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man is the twelfth film to be released as part of the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was originally going to be one of the first planned to be released around Iron man in 2008. The project was one of the earliest in development when Marvel Studios first began their Cinematic Universe plans,but it turned out to be constantly postponed again and again in till now 7 years following the release of Iron Man in favor of expanding other films and characters instead. For most film projects, these delays would be seen as big problems with the script or a lack of Faith by Marvel in Ant-man's succession.

Big Thumbs Up!
Big Thumbs Up!

But Great news! Ant-Man is is actually an all round great stand alone movie with a great deal of fun, laughs and gasps. Its a hell of a lot better than some people are saying. As well as a handful of spectacular performances for Marvel film. The major issue that those delays caused is that Ant-Man still feels like a it should have been placed back with the “Phase One” titles, and far from the Current team up films such as the upcoming 'Civil War' movie. (Apart from the mild References and after credits of course). Its not just stand alone in the Marvel universe. It has minor references that any marvel fan will faint over and even has a team member of a popular recent film pop up.

Before seeing this movie you need to understand this is not suppose to be an avengers movie or a winter solider level event in the marvel cinematic universe!

first things first is that 'Scott lang' (Paul Rudd) is Not the First Ant-Man and the film will include the previous and original one which is the more well know 'Hank' Pym from the comics played by 'Micheal Douglas'. This was a great factor because it gave Ant-Man a mantel to be passed on and allowed a great backstory and a faster and easier origin story.

The movie is formed into two unique themes of one being character Scott Lang's (Pual Rudd) life of being a thief and how it plays into his journey to becoming 'Ant-Man'. This was a great final decision as it draws away from the character being a superhero and plays on his normal life and how that weaves through his superhero story line, which hasn't been done since Iron Man (2008). The Second theme is the theme of “fathers and daughters” is the strongest parts of the film and is greatly explored in the relationship between Michael Douglas’ Hank and Evangeline Lilly’s Hope, and Scott lang (Pual Rudd) who is going to do whatever he can to be reunited with his daughter, Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson).

Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly
Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly

Ant-man's Casting choices and Character were all suburb from the acting to the relationships formed. The oftenly comedic Paul Rudd is a great success by marvel for casting him as Scott, not only because he naturally makes the character witty, charismatic, likable, and a smart ass but also because he does an excellent job at bringing out the dramatic side of his character. All performances fit well into this movie and they all make you either laugh hysterically or gasp in suspense.

Ant-Man being a marvel film of course has tremendous special affects and his shrunken down moments are comedic,thrilling and kind on the eyes. Because of these moments it is a definite see in 3D and is one defiantly to watch with the kids parents! well minus the couple of swear words in the film.

To wrap up Ant-Man Succeeds on Levels such as Acting performances, story, special effects and being downright hilarious. As a negative the film feels out of place in the continuum of Marvel films leaving it feeling like a third film and not their twelfth. Go and see it for yourself and have a good time doing it. But in the long run a supposedly under-rated superhero turned out to be did it again Marvel...and you did good.


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