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What if seven years ago, Justice League Mortal was released, the strike didn't occur, breaking box office records in being the most expensive movie in history and being the first Superhero team up on big screen, Armie Hammer may of been rated the best Batman ever, there may of been no The Avengers or even the whole MCU could have been delayed. We could of had an entirely different status on Superhero films if that was the case.

Now DC are playing catch up with Marvel since the canceled film and Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern failure with a fresh start to their "multiverse" which started with Man of Steel. Nearly a decade later since the abandoned film, on November 16 2017 the long anticipated Justice League Part One film will be released. This will also mark the first time we will be seeing the Justice League on big screen together. Lets now look at the proposed Justice League Mortal 2008 cast compared to the expected Justice League Cast in 2017. Enjoy and feel free to voice your opinions below on which actor you prefer for each Superhero or anything to do with the topic.

Batman - Ben Affleck V Armie Hammer

Superman - Henry Cavill V D.J Cotrona

Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot V Megan Gale

The Flash - Ezra Miller V Adam Brody

Aquaman - Jason Momoa V Santiago Cabrera

Green Lantern - Tyrese Gibson (Rumored) V Common

Cyborg (JLP1) - Ray Fisher

Martian Manhunter (Rumored for JLP1) - Lance Reddick (Rumored) V Hugh Keays-Bryne


Alfred Pennyworth - Jeremy Irons V Stephen Tobolowsky


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