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...ctly or just didn't explain it well but this is kind of a big mess. 1.) Vincent was theorized to have brought his dead wife back to life as Sally though it is acknowledged that said wife never actually existed. How does he dig up and resurrect someone fictional? This is also directly contraditcted by the clear establishment in the 'Nightmare Before Christmas' film that Dr. Finklestien is Sally's creator. I believe he angrilly shouts at one point in the film "Why did I ever create you?!" 2.) The changing thickness of the dog's nose is never actually explained here though this writer seemed to imply that they would. 3.) Scraps was explained to have been a second dog owned by Frankinweenie Victor though later in the article he's recapped as being part of the Ambercrombie/Sparky/Zero evolution...or perhaps devultion is more accurate. So which one is it? 4.) In Corpse Bride I believe Victor's parents mention him having been a bed wetter as a child. If they'd taken him in at the age of what was the Frankinweenie Victor, 10, that doesn't make much sense that they'd know him to have been a bed wetter in his childhood unless he had psycholgical issues due to truama perhaps. 5.) All of the deaths and children being put up for adoption sound a little farfetched to me. Where is the sensible story for Bob's death? And I don't buy that Elsa Van Helsing was given up for adoption because of depression. 6.) The "Weird Girl" story doesn't add up. The entire town ended up eye witnesses to several zombified pets so I doubt her parents wouldn't believe her Mr. Wiskers story, perhaps they were even among the angry mob going after Sparky and witnessed it themselves. That angry mob WAS most of the town. 7.) The statement that Zero's nose glowed because he was once Sparky, I'm not seeing the connection. Sparky's nose never glowed. 8.) That when Corpse Bride Victor died he became Jack Skellington, I'm not seeing that connection either. Or even the resemblence. Can I please be linked to the original theory so I may read it exactly as it was put together by the theorizer? As I said I am aware this writer might be to blame so I am not shooting it down just yet.

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