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Former child star of “Little Rascals” and “Full House” fame, Blake McIver finds lasting love and expresses his support for marriage equality in the video for his latest tune, “This Is Who We Are.” The video was directed by independent film producer/director Mark Mathias Sayre (“Lemonade,” “The Timber,” “The Malibu Tapes”) and marks the first collaboration between Sayre and McIver.

McIver recently shared his very personal reasons for writing the song and releasing the touching video:

“This past April, I found myself overwhelmingly moved by the pro-marriage equality arguments in the Supreme Court. So moved in fact, that I couldn’t really put it into words. Instead, I decided to put it into music and lyrics.

For so many years I thought that a wedding and marriage were not something I would ever have the right to enjoy. As I sat down to write the song, I thought a lot about my late grandfather Lt. Col. Norman Earl McIver. He was a proud Vet, a prouder Texan, and a man who always encouraged me to think for myself and to be exactly who I am. He passed away before I had the opportunity to come out to him. I’m not saying it would’ve been a particularly easy conversation, but his unconditional love of me was never a question in my mind. In honor of his inspirational force in my life, this anthem for marriage equality is inspired by the storytelling of his favorite genre: country music. So, YES! A country(ish) song!

As we celebrate the massive victory of the Supreme Court ruling, let us not forget our brothers and sisters who are still facing daily discrimination for being exactly who they are. I hope this song and video can inspire, encourage and be a celebration for all equality-minded people. Writing the song and filming the video were both profoundly moving experiences for me and I hope you enjoy! Love is love, and love wins – every time.”


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