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It's one of the scariest and most talked about horror films of all time, yet over forty years later and The Exorcist still has its secrets. Check out these 5 interesting facts you (probably) never knew!

Fact #1: Back in the day, the original teaser trailer was banned from many US theaters as it was deemed to be too frightening. While it seems pretty tame by today's standards, you have to admit that those flashing black and white images could give you quite the headache.

Fact #2: Mercedes McCambridge (1916 - 2004) was uh, shall we say, truly dedicated to her role as the voice of the demon 'Pazuzu.' She achieved the voice by chain smoking and forcing herself to vomit up mixtures of raw egg and mushed apples which she had previously consumed. A little TOO much, perhaps?

Fact #3: Max von Sydow (pictured above) was so disgusted by the language coming from 12-year-old Linda Blair's mouth that he forgot his lines.

Fact #4: The film was cursed. At least, that's what everyone seemed to think. The set for the McNeil home burned down during a studio fire, and the only room left unharmed was Regan/Linda's bedroom.

Fact #5: Linda Blair began receiving death threats after the film's release (at only 12 years old!), as people believed she was glorifying Satan. As a result, Warner Bros. was required to hire bodyguards to protect her for six months.

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