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James Heizer

Spoiler Warning: In a video interview with Collider, director Peyton Reed gives viewers some tips on where to look for Easter Eggs in Ant-Man. At least one of the tips involves a major scene in the film, so be warned that spoilers follow.

Here are the three places that Peyton Reed advised viewers to pay attention for Easter Eggs.

“I think that anytime you’re in Hank Pym’s beautiful Victorian house in San Francisco, you want to look around the room. You might notice certain details that sort of talk about his history and his experimentation with the Pym particle. There might be some miniaturized objects all around the room.”
“When newspapers appear on screen, there are a couple newspapers that appear. There is a main thing when I do an insert of a newspaper that you want to look at for the story. There also might be some other things in the margins of that newspaper that are interesting.”
“There is an event that happens to Scott Lang in the third act of the movie. He goes into a place that’s been unseen in a motion picture ever before. And when he goes into that place, I don’t think Scott Lang sees it. But if you’re sharp, you might see something or someone in that environment.”

Check out the Collider interview with Director Peyton Reed here...


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