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With her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer gearing up for its fourth season, eight Emmy Awards nominations, and her new movie Trainwreck coming out today, Amy Schumer is quickly becoming one of comedy's best and brightest talents.

Because of her seemingly meteoric rise to fame, Amy is set to grace the cover of GQ next month. After being dubbed "the funniest woman in the galaxy" by the publication, she, naturally, dressed the part, donning her best Princess Leia attire and R-rated attitude.

Even though some of the photos won't be released until August, check out a preview of some of her salacious Star Wars-themed shots below:


This explains C-3PO's shocked expression.

Well that's not how you use a lightsaber

Seems a bit dangerous, Amy!

Hitching a ride

Did you know the Millennium Falcon works an Uber on the weekends?

Buns undone

It seems like these are the droids Amy is looking for.

Was the Mos Eisley Cantina remodeled?

Dancing all night to Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes!

Amy can can-can!

Let's just hope they're better at dancing than they are at aiming and shooting.

Unfortunately, GQ and Schumer now seem to be in a bit of hot water with Lucasfilm. According to BBC and reps of the studio, the magazine didn't get permission to use their characters.

Ultimately whether or not GQ's use of Lucasfilm's characters will likely boil down to whether this photo shoot is considered a parody, a form of "Fair Use," which would immunizes the magazine from liability, or satire which is decidedly not Fair Use. But that's up for the intellectual property lawyers of both parties to decide.

In all fairness, it does seem in poor taste to use characters in a somewhat crude way without permission of the owners. Still, anyone who eats pasta like this is okay in my book, even if their cover shoots stir up a bit of controversy.

Amy Schumer's new film Trainwreck will be released in theaters nationwide starting this weekend.

(Source: GQ, BBC)


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