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Reddit user kastroescobar submitted a video to the website that features a GoPro being used to depict a scene from Star Wars just in time to get you absolutely stoked for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) which drops in December of this year.

He shot it in the desert and was able to utilize GoPro technology to give a video game-esque feel to this scene, described by UPROXX:

Armed with a Lightsaber, the Jedi Knight slashes through Imperial Speeders, uses his Force powers to destroy an attacking TIE fighter (and eject the pilot), and even faces off with an AT-AT. As a perfect ending to the clip, the Millennium Falcon and a group of X-wing Starfighters destroy the giant AT-AT to save the day.

Here's the video for your viewing enjoyment. It's awesome:

He's got on the proper garb

Definitely a fan of the graphics for his lightsaber

Here he is fending off some Stormtroopers

Some truly awesome special-effects work

It's really impressive that they edited all of this so well

The sunset in the background adds to the aesthetic of what is already an amazing scene

I wonder how many takes this all took... it was a good job of seeming like just a one-take thing

Our first AT-AT appearance!

Welp, that didn't last long!


Check out Bill Parker's YouTube page and subscribe for more awesomeness like this. Man, this gets me crazily geeked for Episode VII. How about you?



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