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Over the last few months we've had various celebrities answer the ultimate question every superhero fan wants answered: what superhero would you most like to be? Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe and Furious 7 star Tyrese Gibson have already given their answers, but what about The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln? Well, he wants to be someone I'm a little unfamiliar with.

During San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, Moviepilot was able to snag the one and only Andrew Lincoln (a.k.a. motherf*cken' Rick Grimes) for a very spur of the moment video.

Now, we could have asked Lincoln for some Season 6 spoilers, or maybe what his favorite episode of The Walking Dead is, but we figured it's all been asked before. Instead, what the people really want to know is what superhero would Rick Grimes want to play. What's his answer? Check it out:

Yes, that's right. Bad-ass, walker killer Rick Grimes/Andrew Lincoln wants to play the superhero Dancing Man.

Whaaaa? Alright, if you say so, man!

Also, massive shout out to Melissa McBride a.k.a. Carol for these smooth moves:

Work it Carol!
Work it Carol!

So there you have it, Andrew Lincoln's superhero of choice is Dancing Man, a superhero I can only assume saves the day by distracting villains with his smooth, smooth moves long enough for his victims to escape.

Let's be fair though, Andrew Lincoln doesn't really need to be a superhero - he's already Rick Grimes!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 11th.


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