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Daniel Radcliffe makes the crown jewels look like a pile of old tat in the ranking of British treasures, and now the much beloved Anglo-actor has climbed another rung on the ladder simply by being crappy at manning a front desk.

In a video by Nylon magazine, Radcliffe takes on the lofty responsibility of managing the reception desk and wildly alternates between crumbling under pressure and almost making people faint with shock.

Check out my breakdown of the most adorable Radcliffe moments below before hitting the video at the end of the road. Trust me Harry Potter fans, it's best not to throw yourself in at the deep end, you might 'awwwww' yourself to death.

The Invisibility Cloak

The über-cool staff at Nylon were way too nonchalant to notice Daniel Radcliffe was at reception. Just another day at the office, right?

Specialis Revelio!

Except this staff member who is clearly a Potterhead!

Say Cheeeeeeese!

Who broke the seal for her more reluctant colleagues to get in on the Potter action that they all secretly wanted from the get go!

Horse Play

This backhanded compliment for Radcliffe's performance in Equus gets a 4/10 for trying.

Bathroom Bafflement

Radcliffe's promised proficiency at giving out toilet keys turned out to be a bit of a ruse...

Not Quite in the Bag

...and he might almost give your important packages to the wrong people.

The Jonas Bother

But he does manage to handle this obviously staged Jonas brother bother with his signature self-depreciating style and kind of makes me want to stuff him in a burlap sack and kidnap him. Is that so wrong?

Check out the video of Nylon's "very new and very shit" receptionist for yourself below:

(Source: Nylon Magazine)


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