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Steve-O from Jackass is one of the craziest fools to ever grace your TV screen, laptop screen, movie screen, etc. Pretty much, if there is a stage, Steve-O has probably jumped off it and likely let an alligator take a bite of his ass shortly thereafter. The dude lives to brutalize himself for the sake of entertainment.

There's something weirdly admirable and artistic about his craft - yes, I will use that word for what he does. It's unclear what substances have helped him get excited and calloused enough to pull of some of these stunts, but it is definitely clear that said substances are potent.

If you've seen the movies or the TV show, you are well aware of his antics. But what you might not know is that some of the stunts are just now legally able to be shown to the public. They're that crazy. One of those stunts is this one. It really needs no introduction, but let me alert you of this - it involves piercing a nipple with a BB Gun. Sounds painful? I know. That's because it is. Very much so.

Without further ado, here's a video of it happening to our boy Steve-O with his boys by his side for support and encouragement.

He posted it to his Facebook page with this quote:

A lot of people ask what we filmed for jackass that we couldn’t show– it took years for me to be allowed to show you this, but here it is (and the BB is still in my nipple to this day).

Jeez, man. I'm always left with one question, and one question only whenever I watch this guy.


(Via: Unilad)


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