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There's nothing quite like an open platform with unlimited possibilities to get people talking about what really matters to them. And, if Tumblr is any indicator, Harry Potter fans have found a home to unleash their deepest and often hilarious thoughts and build some truly spellbinding posts.

Finding the thought-provoking gems is like an entryway into the everyday life at Hogwarts—while Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are fighting an unspeakable evil, what are all the other folks thinking about?

Here's a collection of Tumblr posts that confirm there's always more to consider when it comes to Harry Potter.

1. When they revealed Harry Potter's true number one fan

Seriously, I wonder what percentage of ABC Family's programming is devoted to Harry Potter marathons. It's gotta be more than 60%. Still, every time one of the movies is on, I tune in.

2. When they outsmarted the Dursleys quicker than Harry ever could

C'mon, Harry! Use their need for public acceptance against them! Aside from Dudley, it's the only thing they steadfastly care so much about. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20.

3. When they continued to find evidence for their Draco/Harry ship

Okay, Drarry shippers, I must admit that this little detail is more plausible than most I've read. Plus, I love imagining Draco treating Dobby like his own personal diary.

4. When they discovered the love child of Snape and Lily

Spot. On.

5. When they called out Harry for being a bit slow on the uptake

This one is a little rough, but I do appreciate when fans don't deify a protagonist just because he's the main character. Though, I may be incorporating "this is why he's not in Ravenclaw" into my daily vocabulary.

6. When they pointed out the most telling name in the entire Wizarding World

The mythological founders of Rome were named Romulus and Remus, who were raised by a she-wolf. The Latin "Lupus" literally translated to "wolf." But, I still prefer Moon Moon.

7. When they imagined the drunken struggles of being a Ravenclaw

As someone who fancies myself a Ravenclaw, this tidbit hits home. Not only do the poor inebriated fools have to scale an entire tower's length of stairs following a particularly fun day in Hogsmeade, they then have to come up with the correct answer to a confusing riddle. I'd imagine some end up spending the night on the floor in front of the eagle knocker, waiting for a prefect or another student.

8. When they acknowledged that we Americans get some things right

Take that, European school systems!

9. When they proved that size matters

I was suspicious of the science behind this post until I got to the image. Now I'm totally onboard with this logic.

10. When they totally changed the standards for Christmas

You don't even need any presents under this. A darling Snape-mas Tree is a gift in itself.

11. When they reminded everyone how perfect this cast was

The interviewer made the mistake of equating Felix Felicis with a spell, and Radcliffe was having NONE OF IT. Sassy Harry is my favorite Harry.

12. When they acted out the entire Chamber of Secrets story in perfect fashion

This is how you keep Harry Potter alive well past the release of the last books and movies. Role-playing potential is infinite and hilarious.

Now, I'm off to check ABC Family to see which of the eight movies is on. It is a weekend, after all.


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