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If you love Star Wars, you probably know all about the 'Machete Order.' That of course is the proper way to watch the saga in its entirety. Now that the entire catalogue is available for legal digital download here, there's no better time than now to git-r-done so to speak.

The thing is, if you go Episode by Episode, you will be doing it all wrong. Also, if you do them in order of release, you're screwed as well. Also, Episode 1 is pretty globally disliked and can probably be skipped entirely. Unless you really want to stay committed to all things Star Wars, which is fine too. More power to you.

The Machete Order, detailed here, is the proper way to watch. It was invented by computer software blogger Rod Hilton in 2011. If you're out there thinking, "how does this guy get to make this up?" It's because, like you and me, he's a nerd who has nothing better to do than figure this shit out for the rest of us. You'll thank the man later.

Anyway, here's the order that you need to watch the movies in to get the full picture and scope of the franchise. It's summer. The weather is nice. But so what? Watch Star Wars. Inside is where the weather is always best, and the most consistent anyway.

The Official Machete Order

  • 1st: Episode IV
  • 2nd: Episode V
  • 3rd: Episode II
  • 4th: Episode III
  • 5th: Episode VI

Here's how Hilton explained it (much better than I ever could):

As I mentioned, this creates a lot of tension after the cliffhanger ending of Episode V. It also uses the original trilogy as a framing device for the prequel trilogy. Vader drops this huge bomb that he’s Luke’s father, then we spend two movies proving he’s telling the truth, then we see how it gets resolved. The Star Wars watching experience gets to start with the film that does the best job of establishing the Star Wars universe, Episode IV, and it ends with the most satisfying ending, Episode VI.

If you've got time, I'd suggest binging on all of the Star Wars Saga in Machete Order. You won't be disappointed. I mean, we're still about 6 months out from [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158). Too long, to be honest.

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