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(Warning - This article contains a major SPOILER for Marvel's Ant-Man. If you haven't yet seen the movie, then what follows will likely reveal a key plot point from the film's ending that you may prefer to have revealed to you in a movie theater - so go see it already...Don't worry. we'll wait...)

Now, if you've already seen Marvel's Ant-Man (and if not, don't forget to check out that disclaimer just above), then there's a good chance that - if you stayed to the very end of the movie, at least - you're still buzzing about just what that post-credits scene means.

After all, this wasn't your average, garden-variety, tagged on tease:

Ant-Man's Post-Credits Sequence Totally Sets Up Captain America: Civil War

And, what's more, it does it in a couple of particularly intriguing ways...

First, though, a brief recap of what we see (SPOILER-protected, for anyone who's somehow made it down this far without wanting to know any more about the movie):

We find Captain America and The Falcon in a garage, looking onto an injured-looking Bucky/Winter Soldier, who appears to be trapped in some sort of vice. The Falcon suggests calling Tony for help, but Cap refuses - suggesting that it's because of 'the accords'. That's not too much of a problem, though, since Falcon reveals "I know a guy." Which, we have to assume, means Ant-Man...

What, though, does that all mean for Captain America: Civil War? Well, here are 5 things we now know to expect to see...

1. Cap's Already Gone Rogue

After all, if what we were seeing was an official, Avengers-sanctioned mission, there wouldn't be any problem with calling Iron Man. Presumably, then, The Winter Soldier is very much still wanted by the government, and Cap and Falcon are - in a plot-line closely paralleling one from the comics - trying to track him down before someone else does.

Which, in turn, means that Cap has definitely already gone rogue...


2. The Falcon's Definitely on Team Cap

Which...isn't too much of a surprise, seeing as the duo arguably have an even better best-buddy kind of deal going on than Science Bros Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.

That being said, there was a train of thought going into Civil War that Falcon could be forced to choose his loyalty to the government over Cap - a suspicion which now (thankfully) seems to have been disproven.


3. Bucky's in Kind of a Bad Way

Or, at least, he isn't looking too hot in that scene. Presumably a year or two on the lam without any real idea of what the modern world is like has taken its toll - though it's also possible that, much like in the comics, he's been taking out covert Hydra bases all around the world.

Which, y'know, really takes it out of you. Just ask Hawkeye in Avengers: Age of Ultron...

It's looking up for Buck, though, seeing as:

4. Ant-Man's Seemingly Going to Be on Cap's Team

Or, at least, you kind of have to assume he will be. Between his criminal record, both he and Hank Pym's distrust of authority, and the fact that Falcon has one hell of a piece of leverage, it sure seems that Ant-Man is going to wind up on Cap's team come 2016.

Or, at least, he'll start there...

And, finally, and most intriguingly:

5. We Might Just Know What Tony's Up To - and What Causes the Civil War

Specifically, that mention of 'the accords', in relation to Tony Stark? That seems likely to be the movie equivalent of the Superhuman Registration Act in the comic-books - otherwise known as the legislation that ultimately pits Cap and Tony against one another.

Presumably, then, the UN - or an equivalent global body - has decided to legislate against unauthorized superhero activity, and Tony's gone along with it, and 'the accords' that have established those restrictions.

Or, in other words, if you're expecting to be on team Cap, get ready to be opposed to some accords...

What do you reckon, though?


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