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...rp Marvel from its box office throne (already this year dinosaurs & furious cars have unseated AVGRS stronghold on the All-Time Global Box Office - which is no bad thing...) but with BvS and Suicide Squad looming the media in general are beying for a Marvel flop to stick the proverbial boot in and crown a new super hero king - circle of life-stylee... how does Kevin Feige & Marvel avoid this overthrow? Marvel unites from beyond the MCU and closes ranks on DC!

don't mistranslate me here... i'm buzzed by the incoming Batman (Affleck will knock it out the park), Supes, WW & SSQ (Leto one of my favorite comic book castings), the Momoa poster was the coolest artwork & Killer Croc looks great... DCEU is playing a royal flush and the only way for Marvel to ace it is by unveiling a unification with Fox, comparative to the Spidey/Sony deal... there are greater narrative nods to opening alternative dimensions within the MCU and within Fox's X&4 universe and there has to have been a strategic meeting of the minds by the Heads of Marvel, Sony & Fox vis-à-vis how to counter the DC onslaught? The only solution is forcefully and TOGETHER...

Spidey is web-slinging his way into the MCU with a guest feature in CAP Civil War and somehow DEADPOOL rises phoenix-style out of many years development hell and primed to release just BEFORE BVS...

so now: a) BVS will not be the first super hero flick of the year and b) it is preceded by THE most irreverent, hysterical, non-serious, R-Rated bad ass Merc With A Mouth... BVS will be awesome but it won't be as cool as Deadpool, BVS will dominate the box office but it will look stoic & safe next to the anarchy of Deadpool, the smaller Fox release - for many - already stole the BVS/SSQ thunder at Comic-Con last week... how on earth did that happen?

think about it. DC tried to move BVS day & date onto CIVIL WAR and - fortunately - changed their minds & release date... there's rumoured talk they will try same again with Affleck's THE BATMAN vs hotly anticipated CAPTAIN MARVEL in Nov 2018 - foul play Warners! all very unnecessary...

there was no obvious retaliatory response from Marvel, they're way too cool for that... but then inexplicably Spidey joined the MCU and DEADPOOL (with a rumoured-now-denied Feige producer role) got its February release date... go figure! coincidence or design?

whats cinematically bigger than Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker & Justice League...? all the signs are there... YOU DECIDE!


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