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Earlier this week we took a trip down memory lane and zapped back to 1995 to take a look at what the cast of childhood favorite, The Indian in the Cupboard, are up to now.

It's been 20 years since the release of the movie and we made some pretttty interesting discoveries...

In a surprising yet absolutely delightful turn of events, we found that Gary Paul Davis, the actor who played Little Bear, an 18th-century Iroquois Native American who comes to life when locked in the magic cupboard, also goes by another name. And that name is Litefoot. Can you guess what he does now?

Here's a hint:

Geddit? Litefoot is now a successful Native American rapper! In fact, he is actually the first Native American who is federally registered as performing rap music!

Check out some of his tracks:

'My Land'

'Seein' Red'

'Know Me'

Litefoot has released around 14 albums and won six Native American Music Awards, the most recent of which was for 'Artist of The Year.'

The cover of Litefoot's album 'The Life & Times'
The cover of Litefoot's album 'The Life & Times'

Those be some sweet graphics.

Since 2005 he has hosted and produced his very own hip hop and R&B radio show called Reach The Rez. In 2005, Reach The Rez went on tour around the USA and performed in 211 indigenous communities to promote a drug and alcohol free lifestyle, as well as the importance of prayer and cultural pride.

Here's some footage of the tour, it's absolutely worth a watch:

As if that wasn't enough, Litefoot is the owner of Redvinyl Records, Nativestyle Clothing brand and FlexArrow Sneaker!

From Little Bear to Litefoot... Gary's had quite the career!

Nobody puts Litefoot in the Cupboard (anymore).


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