ByMarisol Tammero, writer at
...failures, when in reality we never owed them a damn thing. The arrogance of these people to think that they can dictate to the viewers what they can and can't support. This is exactly why this show is in the state that it is in. The character wasn't well received because she was a poorly written one and a bad copy of a fan favorite. Instead of scapegoating the Klaroline fandom, Plec and friends should have focused on building a new fandom. The show lost a million viewers in one year and to date has zero media presence. Keep telling yourself that it's because of KC; however at the end of the day, the fault lies with the writers and the fact that they put out a product that had an appeal problem. As to Miss Pipes, i never condone bullying of any kind and it's terrible that she has experienced it at the hands of a couple of over zealous fans; however to shade a whole fandom isn't right. There is nothing wrong with critiquing a fictional character for being poorly written and honestly, Leah is in the wrong business if she can't handle that.

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