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I know I'm not the only person who will admit that I am so creeped out, yet so intrigued, when I watch films about serial killers. One of my favorite films about serial killers is The Iceman with Michael Shannon, who plays Richard Kuklinski, and Winona Ryder, who plays his wife.

In case you haven't seen it, check out the trailer below.

What scares me the most is the thought that while I can get into a frightened mood from a scary film, I can turn it off once the credits role and immediately fall asleep...

... but for some, the real life horrors of serial killers on the loose was much more than just a film you could forget it. They were actually living it.

Below is a list of serial killers that were never caught and could still potentially be on the loose. Warning: This will send shivers down your spine.

1. Alphabet Murders

This murdered killed three young girls in Rochester, New York from 1971 to 1973. It was given this name due to the fact that each of the girls' first and last names started with the same letter. Also, each body was found in a town that had a name starting with the same letter as each girls' name.

2. Boston Strangler

Thirteen women died from being strangled with their own stockings between 1962 and 1964.

3. Freeway Phantom

The Freeway Phantom raped and strangled six young women and dumped their bodies by the freeway in the early 1970s.

4. The Doodler

The Doodler was a man known to lure young gay men from bars and clubs, promise to sketch them, and would then stab them to death. A total of 14 young male victims were stabbed to death in the San Francisco from 1974 to 1975.

5. Michael Gargiulo

Gargiulo was also known as the "Hollywood Ripper," who murdered at least 3 people, including Ashton Kutcher's former girlfriend named Ashley Ellerin.

6. Long Island Serial Killer

A victim
A victim

Killed eight woman, a man, and a child and dumped their bodies along remote beaches in Suffolk and Nassau County, New York.

7. Atlanta Ripper

All 15 to 20 (they are unsure whether all the victims were from the same killer) of the Atlanta Ripper's victims were black or dark-skinned women in 1911.

8. Redhead Murders

All eight of this murderer's victims happened to be redheaded women whose bodies were found abandoned by highways. A majority of them happened to be hitchhikers or prostitutes.

9. Original Night Stalker

He murdered at least 10 people in Southern California from 1979 to 1986. He would enter the homes of women who lived in single-story buildings attempting burglary but would end up raping and then murdering the women. He then graduated to targeting couples.

10. Oakland County Child Killer

The Oakland County Child Killer was also known as "The Babysitter." This murdered killed four or more children in Oakland County, Michigan in 1976.

11. Phantom Killer

This killer is known for attacking eight people within ten weeks, five of whom were killed, usually spanning three weeks apart. A few were even double homicides.

12. Smiley Face Murder

The Smiley Face Murderer was known to graffiti a smiley face next to all 40 of his victims, all being young men that were found to have drowned in the northern part of the country.

13. Texas Killing Fields

Starting in the early '70s, around 30 bodies of young girls were found buried in several fields located in Texas. This was the work of multiple killers, including Edward Harold Bell and Kevin Edison Smith.

14. Zodiac Killer

A sketch of the Zodiac killer.
A sketch of the Zodiac killer.

The Zodiac Killer enjoyed targeting young couples in northern California during the 1960s into the 1970s. The killer referred to himself as the "Zodiac," and was known to leave very cryptic letters to the police, taunting them.

15. Charlie Chop-Off

Charlie Chop-Off sadly targeted young black males. He got his name for being known for mutilating the genitals of all six of his victims in the early '70s.

16. Eastbound Strangler

The Eastbound Strangler murdered at least four victims in Atlantic City, NJ in 2006. Each victim was placed about 60 feet apart in a ditch filled with shallow water. They were all found facing east and missing their socks.

17. Flat-Tire Murders

In 1975, the man behind the Flat-Tire Murders that occurred in southern Florida would deflate the tires of the target's vehicles before offering assistance, and then killing them.

Sleep with a knife under your pillow and keep your lights on tonight. I doubt you'll be getting a wink of sleep after reading about these horrific murderers that are still at large.

Who knew there could be so much evil in the world?


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