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Once again the cosplaying world has totally amazed me. I literally had to peel my jaw off the floor when my eyes met these photos. Sonja Cool (a.k.a. Elentari Cosplay) from Minnesota has created the most incredible Howl's Moving castle costume! It really seems that no idea is too out of reach for the cosplaying world, and Sonja has created a masterpiece! Amazingly she wrote on her page how the creation took over her 'craft room for two years,' and my gosh has it been worth it!

'Howl will I do this cosplay??'

First she had to plan how she could possibly fit in a costume like this:

This little plan was posted on her Facebook:

I think the right approach is to divide the castle into sections... so I can get out of the 2ft wide door of our ... and put it in the CAR

Fast forward a few months and the creation started taking its incredible shape:

I worked on the project from January 2014 and finished July 2015. I took a lot of breaks throughout the process. - Sonja's interview with Buzzfeed!

The final piece!:

Peter J Verrant
Peter J Verrant

You are probably wondering how she possibly created this:

It’s a base of chicken wire, 12-gauge wire, with a little bit of mattress pad foam, and then a TON of EVA craft foam,” she told Buzzfeed ''The houses are made with foam poster board. I also used a bit of Apoxie sculpt on the church, and a lot of wood glue to fill in cracks. I bought a largest glue gun I could from the hardware store when I first started, and I’m proud to say I have worn it out. I invested in a pex tubing cutter so I could add a pex tubing structure inside to support the whole thing.

Check it out, the houses even have lights!

The detail is just on another level of awesomeness!

And Sonja did not stop there, it even blows smoke! Just mind-blowing!

Peter J Verrant
Peter J Verrant
Sonja told Buzzfeed: When I was adding the harness, the most important thing was for it to be balanced since it’s heavier in back. Adding the tongue and canisters of compressed air for smoke effects in front really helped it balance out.

Earlier this month the incredibly talented Sonya was awarded the ''Best Master'' and ''People's Choice'' awards at the CONvergence Masquerade Costume contest! She truly deserved this for her for her Studio Ghibli based design:

It took around $200 to $300 to create the costume and it weighs around 20-30 pounds. I think it was totally worth it and I am in awe of the design along with the effort put in by Sonja to create this!

Round of applause to you! Elentari Cosplay I am already super excited to see what you create next!


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