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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

This year's SDCC brought together some of the country's, no, the world's greatest and most bodacious cosplayers to flaunt the fruits of their labor in front of suitably awed onlookers. But we're all super aware of the great cosplay on display at SDCC, they require no introduction.

But this year, the guys over at Tested went above and beyond the limits of "Holy s**t, that's awesome," with a fully mobile and fully awesome Rancor costume. I mean this thing is outrageously good!


The costume was meticulously crafted in the space of three weeks! Three weeks, man. And due to the significant lack of view ports, the team installed a tiny Lumenier camera, wired into a pair of Fat Shark FPV goggles for the wearer to be able to see where the heck it is they're shuffling.

Alright, enough chat. Let's have a look at this beauty in action:

"Don't Look at Me!"

Here's the Rancor trying to evade the papp limelight...


Here's the brave Frank Ippolito climbing into the portable sauna...

If you want to see more, check out Tested's video below:

And then get over here and say "nice job," or something equally as life affirming.

(Sources: Tested, LowCostCosplay via Facebook)


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