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The time of the football sim is drawing near. PES 2016 has a release date that stands less than two months away from the XBOX One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. FIFA 16 fans will be waiting until September 22nd, and we all seriously hope that the improvements we desire will be implemented. Therefore, I thought we could run through a pros and cons list prior to their highly anticipated arrival.

Obviously these games need to be engaged with for quite some time in order to see how deep the changes to gameplay really are. At this stage of development we don't know too much about FIFA 16 or PES 2016, but with Gamescom on the way and a few more trailers in store, the next few weeks will be insightful into which football sim will emerge on top in September.


FIFA 16 vs PES 2016: The Gameplay Pros & Cons of Each Release Date

Let's quickly break down what innovations across the pitch both FIFA 16 and PES 2016 are promising their devoted fans in 2015!

FIFA 16 Gameplay Pros:

  • Women's National Football Teams are finally in the game with FIFA 16!
  • 25 changes to defensive mechanics featuring improved sliding, fake tackles and in-air tackles.
  • Better AI awareness of gaps in defensive play.
  • Goalkeeper fundamentals have been upgraded to improve the last line of defence.
  • Improved interception intelligence makes midfield-play a much stronger presence in FIFA 16.
  • Upgraded passing options, with improvements to crossing choices

PES 2016 Gameplay Pros:

  • A massive visual improvement with the Fox Engine, featuring better skin and kit textures.
  • No locking animations and button-delay has been omitted.
  • Advanced collision system is coupled with improvements to AI awareness and defence.
  • Custom celebrations have arrived with button prompts following the scoring of a goal.
  • The Champion's League returns!
  • Create your own kit and managers with real-world pictures.
  • Increased player likeness in terms of skills and methods and weather impacts on ball control and player movements.
PES 2016
PES 2016

As you can see, these two games promise to really step things up this year, while addressing the more serious issues that players have had with the franchises for years. We've also seen FIFA 16 change up the game by finally introducing Women's National teams, albeit in a limited way. But we still have misogynists out there attacking this development - wankers. But what are the downsides to picking up FIFA 16 or PES 2016?

At this stage, it's pretty hard to say. We'll have to sit down with both of the titles and really test them out prior to their release dates. Gamescom will open PES 2016 to the public and will offer Konami the stage to reveal basically all of the information about their game. Therefore, in terms of gameplay we'll have to wait and see what new issues creep up and we'll be sure to update you on any gameplay transformations.


But there is one reason that FIFA 16 should be completely ignored this year - and it's pretty serious too. But we'll have to leave that decision in the hands of the public. Let us know where you stand in the fight against PES 2016 and FIFA 16 in the comments below!


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