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Deus Ex by Eidos games is one of the best games I have played in my life. Sure, I have only played Human Revolution and Deus Ex the original game on the ps2 but lets face it, it would beat Call Of Duty any day. Deus Ex is a First Person game which puts you in the place of JC Denton, a nano-augmented UNATCO (United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition) agent in the year 2052 in a dystopia where the world is slowly spiralling into chaos after the spread of a virus known as the Grey Death. The only known vaccine against it is Ambrosia which is only available to the rich, influential and powerful as it is expensive to manufacture. Basically it is like Men-in-Black, Not Human and Matrix joined together.

Already there is a short movie and a full movie based on the games but I didn't like them alot.



The game series goes as following

  • Deus Ex
  • Deus Ex- Invisible War(sequel)
  • Deus Ex- Human Revolution(prequel)
  • Deus Ex-The Fall(iOS and Android)
  • Deus Ex-Mankind Divided(Coming soon)

The Movies

1.Deus Ex - The God from the Machine

This will be the starting story, Showing the creation of JC Denton and how his training in UNATCO. It will show these scenes as flashbacks as JC undertakes his first field mission stopping some NSF(National Secessionist Forces) guys from escaping with some Ambrosia along with his brother Paul. It then goes on to talk about Bob Page, the Majestic 12 , the Illuminati, the creation of Daedalus and Icarus and the basic conspiracy of the world.

2. Helios

The second movie in the trilogy. Paul reveals that he was a double agent for NSF and urges JC to do the same and after a series of events he does and their 24 hour kill-switches are activated. He travels to Hong Kong to meet Tracer Tong, a friend of Paul's and deactivates the kill-switches. JC then learns that the Gray Death is a man-made virus and is used by UNATCO for their own ends. The Majestic 12 are revealed to be working with UNATCO and Daedalus has now gone rogue, working against Bob Page, The man who created the virus and the only one who holds it's cure. Icarus is created to replace Daedalus and they unexpectedly merge to create the new entity named Helios. Bob Page then sends a nuclear missile to Vandenberg Air Force Base, where JC, Paul, the NSF and the world's most prominent figure in nanotech, Gary Savage are residing. The movie ends there.

3. Beyond the Future

In the finale of the trilogy, JC redirects the nuclear missile to Area 51 where Bob Page is trying to merge with Helios to become an invincible global dictator. To finish off the movie JC has 3 choices as to stop Bob and save humanity and the future.

  • He can follow Tracer Tong's advise and send humanity back to the stone age by paralysing global technology using the Aquinas router at Area 51
  • He can merge with Helios to create a new consciousness, capable of managing a new world order
  • He can work with the Illuminati to maintain the current balance

I don't care which way the ending goes for the movie but I believe (Hollywood) should choose the most interesting one as to start spinoffs.

Some other Ideas

A movie based on Deus Ex-The invisible war

And a new saga based on Deus ex-Human Revolution and the upcoming game, Mankind Divided


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