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Forget the well below par Convergence. Darkseid War is back in the 52 universe we are all familier with. Of course Darkseid War is now DC YOU now but it still flows with the New 52 arc.

Darkseid War.

The Justice League are trying to recuperate after the Amazo-Virus. However, on Apokolips Darkseid is about to wage war on the Justice League. This also involves the ultra villian Anti-Monitor who has hatred towards Darkseid.

Now there are so many mini stories in the War. But I want to focus on one character...Batman. Batman who is a tortured soul. At the end of Justice League #42 saw Batman sat on Mobius Chair. Mobius Chair is a powerful structure that enables many elements of knowledge to anyone who sits on it.

When Batman sat on the chair you felt that this was a defining moment.

Batman on Mobius Chair.

Of course as soon as Batman got on the chair he asked the two questions that has dictated his own life.

"Who killed my parents?"
"What is the Jokers real name?"

Of course the first question we all knew that it was Joe Chill. However, the second answer has left him stunned.

So we have a God like Batman now. So what does he do with his power now? Does he go to Gotham and use his power? Some questions remain however. Darkseid War does not tie in with the other titles in DC. DC YOU has continued with the same universe but Darkseid War does not fit. What about Superman as a weaker superhero in Action Comics? What about Batmans death in Endgame? As we know Superman in Darkseid War is the normal Superman we all know and Batman is very much alive. So maybe Darkseid War is in the past? With events taking place pre 52. Or its a different timeline/universe but the New 52 /DC YOU has implemented one universe. So I'm sure that these questions will be answered. I am really looking forward to Batmans new persona.

Although we always respect Batman for being a non powered superhero. But in terms of power he is seen as the weakest between the Trinity. Superman and Wonder Woman have never belittled Batman for his non power. But with this new element of Batmans can be seen as equal to Superman and Wonder Woman.

I like this new direction because of two reasons. This has been an obsession of Bruce Wayne of not knowing Jokers real name. I'm intrigued to see what he will do with the information. But will this power go to his head? Can he think with a clear head? We all believe that Bruce will be good but this is a game changer. The second is that what will become of the Joker? Since Batman knows his real identity what will become of the Joker and Batman relationship?

Will Jokers real name be revealed to the public?

I for one love the mystery of not knowing the Jokers real name. I hope that Geoff Johns has a story that will keep the mystery going. Even if we get to know the name I hope it turns out to be false. Jokers identity is one of his many appealing aspects. Just like Batmans identity....


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