ByAnthony Remijio, writer at

How can people say these films are good when they are complete bull crap.I mean come on the first RE supposed to take place in the mansion which never had a licker in it or a train.

Bringing in characters that were never part of the RE characters.DID THE DIRECTOR EVEN READ THE BOOKS OR PLAY THE VIDEO GAMES I COULD MAKE A BETTER MOVIE SERIES WITH MY EYES CLOSED .Who is this alice character never heard of her in my life.The fact the character look alikes we're crap Leon S Kennedy who is very skilled in combat,looked like a bitch in the movie,half of the monsters that were bosses in the games we're not in there. it's like they tried to cram too any characters at once instead of taking there time to do it right it looks more like a bad knock off the matrix with monsters in it.This could of been a bad ass series but directors today just ruin films like RE.The games scared me more than the movies,Let me restart this series over and call it by it's original name BIO HAZARD. P.S. DON'T TRY TO MIX THE VIDEO GAME ORDERS THEY CAME IN IT RUINED THE MOVIES


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