ByBen Whitney, writer at
...ark Knight", Heath Ledger Mentioned in an interview " even try to touch what Jack Nickleson did in Tim Burtons world (reffering to the earlier batman movies) would be a crime." I think all us Batman fans can agree with Heath on that one. However, I also believe we all can agree that Heath Ledger did more than just touch the role of "The Joker", but put that role on a whole new level. As Robert Downey Jr. is to Iron man, Heath ledger will forever be known for the infamous villain of The Joker. With that being said, I personally believe that Jared Letos version of the character "Joker", will once again put that role on a whole new level. As i mentioned previously, Heath would not have dared to touch Jack Nicklesons Joker. So what does he do instead? He rebirths the Joker almost entirely, and doesnt just mold the Character but also himself into becoming The Joker that everyone couldnt get enough of. But whose to say Jared Letos Joker, wont have the same effect on all the viewers who will see Suicide Squad? After watching Jack Nickleson as the Joker growing up, then seeing what Heath was able to do with that same character, i am honestly overflowing with excitment to see how Jareds version will compare and contrast to the previous Jokers. Im willing to put my bottom dollar on the poker table, that Jared Leto will not let all us Joker fans down.

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