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I know alot of people have seen it already cuz of overseas releases and critic screenings and premieres and stuff but I saw it tonight at midnight a day early and want to give my thoughts. Don't worry I won't spoil anything and all images used will be things from trailers or promotional art. Also please excuse any lack of sense making as it is very late.

I'll start with my overall thoughts

If you would of told me last year that I would like an ant man movie more than avengers 2 I'd call you crazy. But it's true. This movie surprised me. Don't get me wrong I knew it was gonna be good. I mean come on, it's a marvel movie, but this was more than good. In my opinion this was the best marvel movie so far. Before this my favorite was winter solider and this was better than that in my opinion. But take into consideration that even though I'm not a huge ant man fan, I love heist movies and comedies and this is both and it does both well. I kid you not, towards the climax of the movie I was on the edge of my seat due to anticipation and worry and not ten minutes later I was gutbusting laughing almost about to fall out of my chair. (Also the film had some themes that hit a personal note with me) That's what makes this movie such a great film to me but depending on your tastes you may not feel the same way

Now onto specifics. Still no spoilers.

The best part of the movie was by far Scott's friend Luis played by Michael Pena. He stole every scene he was in and brought alot of humor to the movie.

The villain may seem a bit weak to some but fans if the comics that know about Pym particles (and what they do to peoples minds) will understand why he is evil. And when I say evil I mean EVIL. he makes voldamort look like a girl scout

Scott's daughter cassie (played by Abby Ryder fortson) was amazing in the movie. Usually child actors suck especially really young ones but she was amazing. She brought amazing heart into the movie. One character I'm a huge fan if is stature aka cassie when she's older and becomes a hero that grows big. And cassie already at this young acts like her comic character sarcasm and all and she delivered my favorite line of the entire film (I hope you don't catch him)

The after credits scenes (2) were great and fans if the wasp will not be disappointed. Scotts relationship with his daughter and ex wife (played by an actress that plays the Mom in literally every movie ever) are exactly the same as the comics I really liked that. Also fans of =3 (the YouTube show) will notice the reporter at the end is played by Anna Akana Ray William Johnson's girlfriend.

Also I love how this movie uses rest of the mcu. In all aspects it was great especially the small nods to other films and characters and cameos in the beginning middle and end and that one scene after the plane scene was my favorite in the film.

In the end the movie was amazing. 10/10 needs a sequal and I need to go buy some ant man merch and watch the movie about 50 more times.


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