ByWilliam Santiago, writer at
...hings equal between them (which you should to be fair). There is no way the Marvel lineup could beat Wonder Woman. Captain Marvel is Class 75 and can have short bursts of up to Class 100 strength. Superman is the strongest person for the DC Universe, Hulk is for Marvel. Hulk has Class 100+, therefore so should Superman. Wonder Woman has strength equal to Kal, therefore Diana is stronger than Carol. From the Wiki: "Wonder Woman is as strong as Superman himself and able to physically outmatch other beings such as Supergirl effortlessly." Wonder Woman is technically immune to psychic powers (even though some writers forget that). Diana is technically an animated statue. She has no nervous system for psychic projections to affect. Only magic can affect her and in both universes, magic and psychic attacks are two separate and distinct things. Juggernaut is immune to psychic attacks due to his helmet, but completely vulnerable to magic. Pretty much making Psylocke effectively a gnat in comparison. Not sure why Stealth is even a factor, given that Artemis' gift pretty much negates any stealth benefits. Diana is said to have faster reflexes than Kal, the best melee fighter in the DC Universe, able to keep up with the Flash at cruise speed (not max), and and endurance literally of the Earth (a gift from Demeter). She took a punch from Superman that launched her from the Sun into the Earth like a meteor (Wonder Woman #219). You might want to consider that she was in space, without any protection RIGHT next to the Sun when that happened. The only two that would be able to do that would be Carol and Kara. Gamora and Psylocke would be crisps... well maybe Wheat Thins. The closest fight would be Supergirl, but she would still lose since Wonder Woman has fought and beat an enraged Superman (same Wonder Woman #219) and Superman has handed Supergirl her behind more than once. Given that the Wiki also stated that she has physically outmatched Supergirl, it's pretty much a given that all these examples are nothing more than fan preference. Nice try, though. A bit more research needed to be done.

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