ByJess H., writer at
Hmm? It wasn't for "style" it was because their hair was/is deemed inappropriate and unacceptable in the world. That was the whole purpose of the movement in the 70's. You know all those pictures of Black people with huge Afros? Soul Train? There was a REASON for all of that and it wasn't because of "style". That's the whole point of the Natural Hair Movement now. These same cornrows weren't "fashion" when little Black girls were being sent home from school for wearing them.They weren't "fashion" when all these Black people were wearing them year long. Now it's sudden "fashion" and it's taken the U.S. by storm, ONLY when a White women does it. As vogue or whatever disgrace of a magazine once said, "Cornrows have moved over from urban to more trendy and chic". Urban obviously meaning "Black". Then what do I see? Cornrows and all kinds of braids without ONE picture of a Black women wearing them in these magazines. That, my dear friend, is cultural appropriation. All I see are White people. And uh, yes. Like it or not, but hair and braids is apart of our culture and you know what? We'd like to be apart of it when it comes to the media. This wasn't a jab at Kylie, she just saw it as the perfect opportunity to get her point across that people only care about Black culture and not Black people.

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