ByTherese Strömberg, writer at

Andrew Lincoln is a BAFTA nominated director and actor both on screen, TV and stage who have been entertaining people since the mid 1990s. He has more on his resumè than just the Walking Dead and has shown over and over again that he is a man with a great deal of talent within his area of expertise. Therefor it came as no surprise to his long time fans that even as an english man portraying an american on the most popular show on TV, he would be succesfull. Perhaps he do not feel the need to receive any awards for his talent but as a longtime fan, it is a sign of respect towards not just Andrew Lincoln but also the shows amazing cast, producers and writers. Everyone involved in the show should be awarded for all their hard work, including the catering and perhaps even the sanitation staff if there are any, too but due to the fact that the Emmys are one of the biggest and most important awards an actor on TV can receive, it is about time that an actual hit show gets the nod they deserve. As a fan of Andrew since the late 1990s, I know that I can trust that whatever project that he might be involved with in the future is going to be a project of true quality and passion. If the people behind the Emmys need to be reminded about what is going on in the world of actual, real life people, they need to start respecting the view of fans and critics that all agree that the Walking Dead is a real quality show that manages to not only make their actors into big time superstars, like Norman Reedus, but it´s a show that also manages to find the perfect actor to each character and that somehow brings out the best performance from each and every actor on the show, and who have so far never given a tired or boring performance to date. Therefor must either Andrew Lincoln or one of the other true fan favourites be nominated and also win an Emmy.


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