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I'm hardcore about only a few things, but some of them are star wars, Marvel and DC comics, and the Lord of Rings. I'm just looking for a pl

Every time I see a movie for the first time, whether it's in the theatres, or just on the couch on television, I always feel strangely excited. However, my most exciting film memories are very few. Only the most anticipated or the very best movies are able to make it into my most-memorable-movies-of-all-time list.

I remember being six years old, driving with my dad to the closest movie theatre with my self-made toilet roll lightsaber handle in my hand. My dad was making an exception on the PG-13 rating and letting me go to Star Wars episode III with him. I have grown up on Star Wars and this film just blew my mind, and has been on my most-memorable-movies-of-all-time list together with all the other Star Wars movies.

Several years later I came in touch with the hate on the

prequel trilogy. This hurt me a lot. I could not understand why so many Star Wars fans hated something that was almost as good as the originals?

And then it hit me. Almost was the key word here. People didn't like it because it wasn't as good as the originals.

Only a few years later I was already aware of my deep love for a good fantasy tale, especially after having read all the Chronicles of Narnia. Then all of a sudden I was jolted awake by the sheer epicness of JRR Tolkien's works. I remember I had just finished the Hobbit and had started on the Fellowship of the Ring, when I saw the trailer to the new Hobbit film (the Unexpected Journey). I committed to going to see it, and when I did I loved it. I anticipated the following two films with great excitement. These films had also gotten made it onto my most-memorable-films-of-all-time list, along with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

The hate on the Hobbit took a little to catch up on the films, but people also started hating these films. This made me even more angry. I saw that the same thing was happening to the Hobbit trilogy as the Star Wars prequels. They were almost as good, making them 'terrible'.

Why people didn't like these movies

The Star Wars Prequels

First of all, the expectations were high and they hadn't lived up to the first original trilogy. Second of all, Jar-jar Binks is annoying. There's no better way to put it. This trilogy also wasn't able to do the romance well. Anakin and Padme just didn't work as well as Han and Leiah.

Jar-Jar being elbowed in the face for you guys
Jar-Jar being elbowed in the face for you guys

Last of all, Anakin was a hard character to understand if you already have seen him as Darth Vader. The younger Anakin looks like he's going to become a serial killer, not a calculating dark lord of the Sith.

The Hobbit Trilogy

Again, these films just weren't as good as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The thing with these is that there weren't only very high expectations, but there was also so much hype especially on the internet about these movies. Tauriel, Legolas and Alfrid felt forced, just like Jar-Jar.

Were they REAALLY necessary?
Were they REAALLY necessary?

Just like the prequels the romance felt a little forced and more unnecessary. Kili and Tauriel was hard to watch for me. The reason most people don't like these movies, is because they feel too much like the LotR trilogy than the actual Hobbit novel by Tolkien.

Why we should still love these movies

The Star Wars prequels

First of all, these movies are Star Wars. These films capture the same feel as the galaxy far far away from the original trilogy we knew so well, and even revisiting some of the places we already knew, like Tatooine. Seeing where the Stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and the Emperor, Obi-Wan, the Jedi Order, etc. came from was a real treat for me.

What was the best lightsaber duel from the original trilogy? Probably one of the duels between Darth Vader and Luke in episode V or VI. What was the best in the prequels? Without hesitation Anakin vs Obi-Wan, which is also the very best of all six films. See? They improved on some aspects.

The Hobbit trilogy

These films managed to capture the same awesome Middle-Earth we knew from the LotR trilogy, just like the prequels did for the original Star Wars.

The acting in these movies was awesome! Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage... should I continue? The visuals were just as good as those in the LotR, if not even better, and just as epic and expansive.

My Point

My point here is that I think these films are being hated on far too much, and we should stop and appreciate these films better, and try not to compare them to their big siblings too much. I think that the prequels and the Hobbit deserve not to fall into he pit of torment and disapproval like they have.

What do you think? Were the Star Wars prequels or the Hobbit trilogy really as bad as people say? Should we appreciate these films a little more?


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