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Back in September, a horror movie miracle happened when all ten Halloween films would be released in the same box set all together. When this news was announced, horror fans all around were blown away. The amount of special features lingering in the box set were 97% brand-new, giving the fans a lot more insight on the franchise.

Yet, the one thing that would take our money would be the blu-ray "Limited" Deluxe Edition which would contain the Producers Cut of Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers. This was something that had been begging for a legitimate blu-ray/DVD release from fans for many years. I would be lying if I said that this wasn't within my top 3 reasons for buying the box set. The commentary on Halloween H20 with Jamie Lee Curtis was definitely a reason I wanted it.

Flash to a day before the release of the box set. I had gotten home from class that day and long-behold, a box was sitting on my front porch. Upon opening the box and removing a piece of shipping paper, the face of Michael Myers peaked out at me. It was love at first sight.

Now, I will say that the first thing that I did when I opened the box was put in the producers cut of Halloween VI to immediately dive into the special features and see the transfer. Compared to the bootleg copy I always had, the transfer looked beautiful. It's not the best however, but it most definitely is an upgrade!

Long story short, many fans traded their money for the boxset containing the producers cut of Halloween VI, while others were in hopes of a stand-alone release in the future. WELL, I guess those fans can now fall to their hands and knees and scream all the way to Haddenfield, because it is happening.

The Producer's Cut of Halloween 6 will be released on blu-ray by Lionsgate who has acquired the rights to the film. No word on special features has been released, however the artwork for the release has the same layout with Michael holding the knife, but it definitely has been changed up. To everyone wondering, this release will ONLY be on blu-ray, so if fans out there only have a dvd player, it's time to upgrade.


Fans do have the right to feel somewhat cheated by this having been told that a stand-alone release of the producers cut of H6 most likely wouldn't happen, as well as being told that the blu-ray complete set would be the only way to acquire it. Do I feel cheated? A little, but here are my thoughts.

The special features most likely will not be the same, if any at all. Something tells me that in exchange for the special features, fans who did not purchase the complete set will get the Digital HD copy. Not only did we get special features just on that movie, we got special features on SO many other discs, including the Bonus Disc which contained new documentaries on Halloween IV, V and H20. Fans, in my opinion, shouldn't feel 100% cheated by this because the Producers Cut of H6 wasn't the only thing special about the Complete Set.

Will I being buying this? Personally, maybe. My interest in this is 1. the Digital HD copy and 2. the curiosity of the running time. In the box set release, the theatrical version had a running time of 88 minutes and the producers cut having a running time of 95 minutes. In the description on amazon, this release will have a running time of 118 minutes. This could easily be a typo on their part, however, even then, I might still purchase this release. Who knows, this could be worth some money in the far FAR future.

The blu-ray is set to release on September 15. You can preorder your copy on Amazon now here.


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