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As it stands, Bloodborne is still my Game of the Year for 2015. The Witcher 3 is an extremely impressive open world RPG, but there's something more wholesome in Bloodborne's intricately designed world. From Software are masters of design and enemy placement. Every corner is designed to test you in different ways and I just can't seem to stop replaying this modern masterpiece.

But seeing as I was lapping up the glory of From Software's design, I decided to return to Dark Souls 2 in its ultimate form with, [Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin](tag:2768294) on PS4. Making the move from Bloodborne to Dark Souls was a bizarre experience, initially jarring, but I think it helps inform the direction From Software are approaching Dark Souls 3 from for its release date - and Scholar of the First Sin is awesome. But Miyazaki has some new ideas on how to improve the Souls series thanks to his new baby.

Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3: Improving On Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin

Without a doubt, Scholar of the First Sin is one of the best games you can currently buy on the XBOX One or PS4. That being said, it's not actually my favourite Souls game. However, it's certainly the best looking and some of its DLC sections contain some of the best moments of the entire series.

But as a cohesive whole, Dark Souls 2 never felt as intricate as the games that Miyazaki directed.

The joy of opening a door in Bloodborne or Dark Souls hours into the body of the game and realising you're back at a gate you couldn't open at the start of the game is one of the many reasons I adore this franchise. From Software are incredibly talented when it comes to creating a world of diverse, interconnected paths. But Dark Souls 2 lacked some of this satisfaction - there was a lot of travelling to far off lands. So here is how I'd love Dark Souls 3 to expand upon what the Souls series has given us in the past on it release date.

Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 3

What Do You Desire From the Release Date of Dark Souls 3?

  • Make slight speed changes to Dark Souls 3 in the vein of Bloodborne, without turning it into Bloodborne 2.
  • Bring back more bosses like the Old Monk in Demon's Souls - an incredible design feat.
  • More fascinating advancements in multiplayer-related interactions.
  • Make worlds feel more connected like Dark Souls.
  • Pump up that difficulty, Dark Souls 2 lacked the challenge of previous entries.
  • Include more enormous castles than we've ever seen, make us feel tiny and make them visible in the distance so it feels like we're travelling and making progress.
  • Bring graphics beyond the level of Bloodborne
  • Create a deeper lore than Dark Souls 2 - Bloodborne is a good indicator for the kind of ambiguous depth we love.
  • Bring in a weapon system that freshens combat scenarios, like we had with the two-form system in Bloodborne.
And if enemies are too intimidating, there are shortcuts to take advantage of. We watch the player leave two Knights in the lower rooms and climb a rooftop instead, although that’s not without its perils, as in this case a black beast attacks. “This enemy is tougher than any you have seen in the previous two instalments,” says an understated Miyazaki, as our hero is eviscerated in front of us. There’s no escape. - Miyazaki on Dark Souls 3

Bloodborne introduced such a fresh take on the Souls series that I'm wondering whether moving back to Dark Souls will feel strange following such innovation. While I'm content to just keep playing Souls games forever, Miyazaki and From Software will have to change things up a bit to maintain the standard of quality they're known for. But what do you want from Dark Souls 3? Let us know in the comments below!


Which is your favourite From Software Game here?


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